Who we are

ROMSLOT – Slot Organizers’ Association

ROMSLOT is an association of operators and producers in slot-machines industry. ROMSLOT was created as an answer to the need of an organisational structure which to represent and to promote industry’s interests and from the very first moment, it continues to be the strongest voice in the dialogue with the authorities and which acts for a better image of the industry.

The main objectives of ROMSLOT are to streamline how to regulate slot-machine games, to improve the reputation of the industry and to solve the punctual problems of the members. ROMSLOT actions are targeted towards protecting the industry and its members.

ROMSLOT’s actions are always aimed at the dynamics of changes in the industry and the law frame, but also to the consumers’ demands and industry’s reputation.

We open the dialogue with the authorities and we built a solid partnership with the business associations from Romania and Europe in order to respond to the constant challenges the industry is facing.

We act based on democratic decisions of our members and we always respect the ethical standards in accordance with the European regulations.

Since 2011, ROMSLOT is official member of EUROMAT – European Gaming and Amusement Federation, which reunites similar professional associations from 20 European countries.

Also, ROMSLOT is a member of UGIR – The General Union of Romanian Industrialists, which permanently brings its contribution to the economic development of the country, through its politics, imposing many legislative and administrative measures meant to strengthen Romania’s industry.

In addition, ROMSLOT benefits from the support and experience of all EUROMAT members, has access to the latest information on world market tendencies, and it is supported at European level in defending its members’ interests, by promoting a coherent legislative frame, which can be implemented and in accordance with European Union acts.

ROMSLOT was the first association that brought in Romania some concepts used on international level and which implemented an ethic code for its members, code inspired by the European values, but also a series of commitments which stands for the integrations of social responsibility practices, agreed by EUROMAT for the activities of its members.

In accordance with the main values which guide Association’s activity, ROMSLOT is the only company of its kind which is registered in the Romanian Transparency Register. In order to build a responsible industry, committed to its values, by entering Romanian Transparency Register meant for ROMSLOT a natural step on its way of a long-term vision.