Specific legislation

Government Decision no.298 of 29.05.2013 regarding structure and function of the National Office of Gambling (ONJN).

Emergency Government Order 77 of 24.06.2009 regarding gambling organizing and uses.

Government Decision no. 111 of 24.02.2016 for approving the methodological norms for implementation of Emergency Government Order 77/2009 regarding gambling organizing and uses of 24.02.2016 – Technical norms for EGO 77/2009.

ONJN President Order no. 48 of 08.03.2016 regarding the approval of connectivity conditions for slot-machines type gaming and betting – traditional gamble and Annex.

ONJN Order no. 239/2015 of 25.09.2015 – Model for monthly declaration, standard forms, for the income of companies in the gambling industry, as of art.10 alin. (1) of EGO 77/2009.

ONJN Order no. 135/2016 of June 13, 2016 – General norms for register making and using and the mandatory forms specific for gambling industry, specific norms for register writing and using and specific forms for gambling, as well as their designs, depending on what type of gambling.

Instruction no.1 of 2016 regarding the fill-in of the mandatory forms and registers, used in gambling industry, as of Order no. 135.

Emergency Government Order 20 of 27.03.2013 regarding the setting up, organizing and function of ONJN and for changing and add-ons to EGO 77/2009.

Emergency Government Order 92 of 29.12.2014 for implementing some fiscal-budgetary measures and changes to some regulations.

Law no. 124 of 29.05.2015 regarding the approval of the Government Emergency Ordinance no.92/2014 for the regulation of some fiscal-budgetary measures and the modification of certain normative acts.

Government Decision 870 of 29.07.2009 for the approval of methodological norms of implementing EGO 77/2009.

ONJN Order no. 134 of 07.06.2016 for changing the ONJN President Order no. 47/2016 regarding the approval of content, reports an access to the information sent by on the distance gambling organizers, defined by art. 10 alin. (1) lit. h) – n) of EGO 77/2009.

ONJN Order no. 93 of 2016 for the approval of mandatory dispositions for on the distance gambling certification and audit.

ONJN Order no. 47 of 08.03.016 for the approval of content, reports and access to information sent by on the distance gambling organizers, defined by art.10 alin.(1) lit. h) – n) of EGO no. 77/2009, with changes, plus Annex.

Law no. 170 of 2016 and methodological norms for implementing the specific tax for some activities such as bar activities inside gambling rooms.