The main goal of ROMSLOT is to streamline the way of regulating slot machines in Romania, but also to solve the punctual problems of its members. Each ROMSLOT member benefits of legislative support, as well as procedural one.

We want to ensure the existence of a legislative frame that can be reliable, balanced and based on the needs of the operator, as well as of the producers on market. Thus, we continuously dialogue with state’s institutions and we are actively involved in creating and implementing a legislative frame.

✓ Transparency by making and publishing market and study researches.
✓ Responsibility towards the gamblers by promoting quality standards and program especially dedicated to them.
✓ Education for the public and politic key players, by developing communication campaigns.

Romslot’s constant efforts to improve the dialogue with the authorities were based on transparent and ethical approach and a very good argumentation of the position of the industry.

ROMSLOT continuously monitors the evolution of draft laws with a potential impact on gambling, anticipating and acting on legislative initiatives that could have a negative impact on the industry.