Market studies

In accordance with the latest study made by PwC Romania, in 2012, the Romanian gambling market was around 650 million Euro, representing 0.23 % of European market.

We also should mention that slot-machines gaming and betting industry generated, in 2012, directly or indirectly, 709 million Euros of Romanian GDP (0.5% of total), and created 38,500 jobs that had a total contribution to the state budget of 333 million Euro as taxes.

The studies presented a realistic X-ray on why some play in Romania, on the frequency of gambling, on the penetration of some difficult situations and details about the profile of Romanian gambler.

According to figures, Romania is at the low of the European average, 0.5-2% of gaming enthusiasts’ practitioners of the population over 18 years. Thus, this indicator is 0.6% of the population over 18 years of age in Romania.

Besides that, only 15% of over 18 years old gambled at least once in 2012, no matter what kind of game: lotto, offline betting, slot machines gambling, online gamble or cards, and named as motives the fun/relaxation, but also for a money gain.

25% of Romanian men over 18 years old gambled at least once in 2012. Women are less determined to try gambling: only 7% of women over 18 years old.