Ethical principles

The set of principles promoted by ROMSLOT has some general rules which should be the base of any activity for a company involved in gambling industry in Romania:

1. Promote your business as a mean of entertainment, not as a way to earn money.

2. Assign some human resources for generating and involving the company in social responsibility actions and client protection. Assign a budget for this.

3. Permanently train your staff regarding the most recent practices for insuring a responsible approach of clients towards gambling.

4. Be limited in offering the client services or facilities connected to gambling which might encourage excessive gambling.

5. Permanently and without caution inform your clients about the dangers of excessive gambling and how to approach gambling problems.

6. Make sure you identify correctly and on time the problematic gamblers.

7. Act as soon as you discover a problematic gambler.

8. Cooperate with the family whenever is necessary for a better help for problematic gamblers.

9. Make sure that the minors don’t have access in the game rooms.

10. Permanently look for a partnership with the authorities and voluntarily involve in the social responsibility actions.