ROMSLOT acts consistently to defend the legitimate interests of its members and promote strategies that are founded on transparency, responsibility and ethics.

One of the most significant achievements of ROMSLOT, which meant an important step for the whole industry, is opening the dialogue with the political decision maker, which were reluctant to the gambling industry.

The politicians began and learned to listen the problems with which the industry is facing, and ROMSLOT always underlined the major impact of this sector to the entire economy.

ROMSLOT is supporting the first and the only functional program of social responsibility in Romania, Responsible Gambling (

ROMSLOT has approached a policy and strategy that is based on responsibility and ethics in an industry that delivers entertainment and safety. The program enjoys international recognition and is constantly developing.

ROMSLOT acts consistently to defend the legitimate interests of its members.

The Association followed closely and directly approached all the challenges on the market, especially in the context of continuous reforms of the legislative frame, with many legislative threats in Parliament or media controversy.

We had a major contribution to preventing legislative initiatives that, if implemented, would have destroyed the industry or would have caused significant losses to the gaming industry.

Thus, ROMSLOT gathered hundreds of work hours for the entire team in the process of changing Emergency Government Order (EGO) 77, as well as the implementing norms, in Parliament.

Many of the proposals for which ROMSLOT was fought were included in legislative changes.

ROMSLOT was one of the biggest supporters for eliminating a 25% tax for gambling gain.

Another change wearing the ROMSLOT signature is introduction in the legislation, for the first time, of some measures to prevent dependence and involvement of the state in this process.

The interconnection of slot-machines devices to a ONJN server is also a proposal that ROMSLOT launched it to the authorities in the very beginning of the discussions regarding the improvement of specific legislative frame, in order to help the honest players on the Romanian market.

ROMSLOT campaigned actively against the black market and counterfeit appliances, easy to handle, which is the main source that supplies this market and has informed the National Office of Gambling (ONJN) clear proposals on regulations to better control Slot machines gambling market and prevent illegal use of gambling devices.

All these proposals were aimed at a better control of gambling devices, tracking and control in any moment by the designated authorities. ROMSLOT was inspired by the practices used by the neighbouring countries and entire world which are meant to eliminate the illegal practices on slot-machines gaming market.

Permanent monitoring and actions for fighting the potential negative effects of connected legislation.

ROMSLOT is permanently monitoring the evolution of law proposals that possibly have an impact on gambling, by anticipating and acting in case of legislative proposals that could have a negative impact on industry.

We successfully brought transparency in business environment and we fought to dismantle myths about gambling industry, thus improving industry’s image.

We constantly improve industry’s image through an open communication, market studies and projects, with the participation of political, mass media and social media opinion leaders.

ROMSLOT is the first organization to have an initiative of this kind. It permanently develops communication campaigns for public education and increase awareness among political decision maker and it promotes a responsible behaviour towards the players.

ROMSLOT communication campaigns have been recognized and awarded by both the industry and communication experts: Silver Award for Excellence, Romanian PR Award.